Florida's Economy Did Not Fully Recover Until Of Medical And Research Facilities In The United States.

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Board members said they did not like the idea of "squeezing opportunities," especially low-cost ones that many "fragile" groups use to earn a diploma. Some districts projected massive declines in their graduation rates, particularly among minority students, if the rule would be adopted as written. Board member Michael Olenick shared that view. He said he worried about the "significant disproportionate graduation rates moving forward" if the alternative tests were changed, especially the elimination of PERT. He and others liked the idea presented by Seminole County schools assessment director Kelly Thompson of allowing students to use a PSAT math score as another option. The state offers that test once free to all sophomores, and Seminole County provides it free to every student in eighth, ninth and eleventh grades as well. Board member Joe York agreed with the idea of providing as many accessible opportunities to get to graduation as possible. At the same time, he and others said, they did not intend to set up a separate, lesser standard. "There has to be one standard for everyone. That's how I read the law," board member Ben Gibson said. He noted that the State Board adopted new tests in 2016, and was required by law to adopt concordant scores for alternate exams.

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