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It was having too much water that led the city of Jacksonville to undertake the new water treatment plant project. A June 2011 storm dumped more than 10 inches of rain in one day on the city, inundating the old treatment plant with more than five feet of standing water. It required 10 days of cleanup and $700,000 in repairs before the century-old facility could resume producing potable water that met EPA standards, according to Utilities Superintendent Jack Cosner. The 2011 flood and a similar one in 1976 that shut down the plant for three days were enough to convince city leaders of the need for a new water treatment plant, Cosner said. Groundbreaking for the new water treatment plant was held in November 2015. Williams Brothers Construction Company of Peoria was the general contractor. The project was funded through low-interest loans available from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and federal disaster grants. Jacksonville raised its water rates shortly after construction began to help pay off the 20-year loans, according to Jacksonville Mayor Andy Ezard. “We take it seriously when we raise rates. We don't like to, but I think folks understood why we had to increase a little more than usual,” Ezard said. “So now the rates should be relatively flat with minimal raises in the years to come.” The new plant was designed to have more water capacity than city residents require because Jacksonville has its eye on future development, Ezard said. “We are constantly trying to lure industry to our region, and one of the first things industry looks at is water quality and capacity,” Ezard said.

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